Real Estate FAQ

  • Are all of the homes that you advertise for lease also for sale?

    Many of the homes that we advertise for lease are owned by individual homeowners who will entertain purchase offers. If you would like to make an offer let us know and we will be happy to help.
  • Can you help me find investment properties that I can add to my portfolio?

    We would be happy too. Who better to help evaluate the potential return on your investment than professional property managers? Contact us today and we will be happy to help you get started.
  • Can you help to coordinate repairs if I buy an investment property that needs some repairs performed to make it ready to rent?

    We do offer that service to our clients for an additional fee. This enables us to be your eyes and ears. We provide updates to help you monitor progress from afar and can also provide recommendations for licensed and insured contractors to help ensure that the work is performed properly.
  • How do I make an offer for the purchase of the house that I am renting through AHI?

    Just let us know that you would like to see if the owner is interested in selling and we will prepare the necessary paperwork and contact the owner. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to purchase the home you live in? No moving or utility connects and disconnects. We handle several of these transactions each year from the initial offer all the way to closing.
  • I already have a Realtor that I have worked with in the past. Do I have to use you to list my home for sale?

    We welcome you to use the Realtor of your choice. We work with homeowners who are trying to sell their home while we are attempting to secure a resident. We also see several transactions each year where we work as one of two brokerages handling a sale from start to closing. Several of these end up being residents who fall in love with your home and decide to make you an offer.
  • What if I decide to rent my home but would prefer to manage it myself?

    We can help with that too. We offer an option that allows us to market your home for lease, screen the applicants, provide you with the necessary lease and addendums for the lease term, facilitate the lease signing and even conduct the move in walk through. Once we get them moved in, the residents will contact you for any requests and send payments directly to you. We have several clients who use this option every time they have a resident give them a move out notice.
  • What type of real estate related services do you offer?

    We provide a full array of services ranging from listing your home for sale, representing buyers looking for their next home or investment property purchase, transaction brokerage for sales involving a resident purchasing a home that they are currently renting from the homeowner, property management, and leasing. We are members of the local, state and national Association of Realtors and are also members of the local MLS offices.